One for your Bedside Table

it's like NyQuil, only natural (and not nearly as coma-inducing).


works great for
// sleep & restlessness (hence the name)
// reducing stress & soothing anxiety
// hyperactive little ones (or adults) who need to take a chill-pill
// making rooms & furniture smell great

what you'll need
+ 1oz amber glass spray bottle
+ water
+ lavender essential oil
+ orange essential oil
+ ylang ylang essential oil
+ vetiver essential oil
+ pinch or 2 of salt (to absorb the oils)

to use
// always shake well before using (remember, water and oil don't mix)
// spray on pillows and linens before bed
// mist in the air or on other furniture
// apply to wrists or clothes as perfume (if that's your cup of tea)